The Spirit of Science

Welcome to Rhum Biologique, the Caribbean's first artisanal rum inspired by nature and infused with the natural history of the islands. Created by the natural history museum, Amuseum Naturalis, our rums are flavored with 100% natural, 100% sustainable ingredients, handcrafted in small batches right here on St. Martin.

About Us


Learn about our commitment to nature and how our sustainably-produced rum actually benefits native species.

Our Story

Find out how a chance discovery and a quirk of Caribbean biology turned into the region’s hottest new taste sensation.

Our Flavors



Invasive Green Iguanas provide an earthy base flavor to this savory rum. Tropical House Gecko and Underwood's Spectacled Tegu contribute grassy accents and a round finish with just a hint of spice.



Crisp and clear like the freshwater streams favored by the Guppies that flavor this rum, the recently-introduced Spotted Sleeper adds a bit of South American zest. Perfect on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail.



Light up your night with Arthropoda, crafted from a secret mix of eleven bugs and spiders. Is it the venom that gives it that spicy kick? We're not telling!

Visit Us

Rhum Biologique is available exclusively at Amuseum Naturalis, St. Martin's only free natural history museum, located in historic Grand Case. Visit Amuseum Naturalis for more details.

96 Boulevard de Grand Case - Open Tuesdays 6-10pm